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Being Well

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

'Velvære' is the Danish word for well-being.  And velvære is about a close and harmonious relationship to space and the people around you. And it all starts by nurturing yourself.  A soft, inviting space to give yourself time to feel peace and quiet.  During a busy day, the valuable time just before you go to bed or early morning when you get up can be turned into pure VELVÆRE.

We have made it even more precious: Soft fabrics, coarse textures, fabulous design and the meditative feeling of sand passing through a glass bulb.   Experience the velvære that undoubtedly will fill you up and inhabit your body.  We have focused on the bathroom. Style it up with the Marimekko hand towel. And a minimalistic look with toothbrush and jewel holder from Ferm Living. Give yourself a 15-minute break with the HAY Time and style you cotton balls  in the mini purse from Day. Velvære is an essential part of the wholesome, balanced lifestyle many of us associate with Scandinavia. It's time to feel a little like a Scandinavian.


Marimekko is a Finnish design house founded in 1951 and celebrated worldwide for its prints, patterns and color combinations. This spectacular soft Kaksi Raitaa hand towel is made of thick absorbent cotton terrycloth and features stripes in different widths on each side. The rib knit edges are the subtle finish that makes it a classic. Value approx. $ 29
These exquisite pieces from Ferm Living in soft shapes, rich textures, and deep colors allow you to create an authentic and composed atmosphere.   Ferm Living is a Copenhagen based company that works with artisans around the world, fusing the Scandinavian mindset with global skills and traditions while taking their responsibility to people and the planet seriously. Rediscovering the magic of traditional manufacturing, the unglazed Sekki Cup and Jar have a coarse texture on the solid-colored clay. The simple shape lets the material with a remarkable feel make up the contemporary expression while the elegant foot elevates the design, adding a free expression to the cup. This cup can serve many needs. Originally thought of as a teacup and a salt jar,  at Norlii we see it inhabit the bathroom as a toothbrush holder, and the little jar is nothing short of perfect to hold your jewelry for the night. Color: Curry or Rust. Value approx. $ 35 for both
The iconic time-hour shape is in this Hay version combined with fine golden sand. HAY's Time offers a modern twist to the classic hourglass timer. Have the delicate piece standing in the bathroom, kitchen, in the office, in the living room, or elsewhere to remind you of your valuable time. Value approx. $20
Day Gweneth Mini, Saffron.  DAY Birger et Mikkelsen captures the simple purpose of meeting the demands of a modern woman. DAY combines opposites: something romantic with something minimalist, something simple with something ornate and as a result of this merger, DAY's silhouette is the epitome of being Scandinavian with ethnic details. Value approx. $24

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