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December box / Scandinavian Christmas

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

Full spoiler

Open the Scandinavian Christmas box and see the season unfold. You can find inspiration for home-baked Christmas cookies, filling clogs with little presents, or creating holiday decorations.

This box is all about finding new favorite traditions for getting yourself a very merry Scandi Christmas.

The Advent Candle:

Can't wait for Christmas? Here's a way to ease the waiting and add hygge. Each day in December, you burn the elegant calendar candle from Broste Cph a little longer to the day's mark to show the passing of the days leading up to Christmas. Scandinavians celebrate Christmas on the 24th, so you only find numbers up to 24. $18

The Book:

"Scandinavian Christmas" is a beautiful book that sums up how a traditional Scandinavian Christmas takes place and is such an excellent tabletop book for inspiration. In Scandinavia, the whole period of Christmas, from the first Sunday in Advent to New Year's Day, is marked by festivities and celebrated in traditional but beautiful contemporary style.

Author Trine Hahnemann is a well-known Danish chef and food journalist and owner of a large bakery/cafe in Copenhagen. The beautiful cover can easily be a part of your Christmas decor in the kitchen. $32

Christmas Décor

Unique and handcrafted paper decorations to create an elegant holiday atmosphere in your home.

The natural material and the folding technique for these ornaments make them so unique. Remove them from the pouch and unfold them delicately. A small magnet on each side secures them easily. You can save the bag for safe storage after the holidays. $21

The Mallows

I couldn't resist adding the gourmet marshmallows to your December box once again. The Mallows have already been a Christmas favorite for many Norlii subscribers – so why not make it a Christmas tradition? The new variant offers delicious organic vanilla marshmallows coated with creamy white chocolate and sprinkled with fine, red saffron threads. They are then carefully flavored with cinnamon sugar, the best and most recognizable taste of Christmas. The limited winter edition is the ultimate Christmas treat. $13

The bowl

This bowl from Broste Copenhagen is delicately ornamented with blue-grey dots. The idea is you can serve your freshly baked cookies or maybe your marshmallows in it. It will also look fantastic if you use the bowl to create a Christmas decoration for your new candle (Make sure it cannot tilt!) The bowl is from the same series as cups and plates from previous Norlii Boxes. $28

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