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Dining in style

Updated: Mar 17, 2020


Nature clears your mind like nothing else. After a busy day it feels wonderful to get a bit of fresh air; to renew and relax. The Scandinavian lifestyle celebrates the uplifting ambiance nature creates. Norlii's first box ever focuses on the delightfulness of sitting outside on a summer night enjoying simple foods in a cozy atmosphere.

We have included five new pieces, your home will love. The raw mix of ageless crisp design from the 50'es, the salad set's expression, and the ceramic bowl's rustic imitation of nature creates a sophisticated look we know you will appreciate for years to come. Enjoy the items for a dinner out on the porch or anywhere else you feel comfortable.

Beautiful decor from Scandinavia
July - August Norlii Box


The Nordic Sea bowl is hand painted and dyed in two different colors. During each burning process, the colors change unpredictably, giving each piece an individual look and imitating the rough and immense Nordic Sea. Value approx. $42


The Krenit salat set was designed by danish designer Herbert Krenchel in 1953. It is made in durabel melanin. The material itself was very important for Mr. Krenchel as it adds a soft aspect to the design and is a major factor in it's appeal. This salad set is a modern classic. Value approx. $25


Add a touch of splash to your table setting with the dynamic paper napkins to make sure the dinner is kept in good style. Value approx. $8


These candle holders are designed with ruffled glass to create a warn and flickering light to the surroundings. Candles are the core of any Scandinavian home, because they set a cozy atmosphere like nothing else. Group them with your own candle light for a personal look. Value approx. $16


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