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Easy way to personalize your desk.

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

Do you keep your desk organized?

I admit, my desk tends to be a little cluttered. One way of getting the office neater, I have read, is to have a designated place for everything. And I'm working on it. This morning I sat up this little pencil-and-other-things arrangement and I love it.

Lyngby vases Back in the early 00’s, I bought several ‘Lyngby vases’ on flea markets around Denmark. For as little as 2 kroner (30 cents) I could bring home the little vase from Lyngby Porcelænsfabrik. The vases, being from the 1930-50's, states the strong and simple aesthetic elegance that a part of the Scandinavian countries' culture. They were widely popular back then, but by the 1970's the company closed down. It was too costly to keep the craft traditions alive in a world where the ceramics industry was automated and streamlined abroad. So the iconic column formed vases soon became a collectible for unremitting design lovers at flea markets for the next 30 years.

Beautiful ceramic vases from Lyngby Porcelænsfabrik in Denmark
Photo by Lyngby Porcelaensfabrik

Luckily someone came up with the idea of reproducing the vase. Well not really someone - but rather two. Simultaneous two companies individually came up with the same idea to reproduce Lyngbyvasen as the vase is called. Hilfling Design and Porcelænsfabrikken Danmark individually released identical vases in 2012. Not so great for either company, so it ended in a legal dispute about who had the design rights for the vase. And actually, the dispute ended in a settlement that gave both companies the right to produce the vase, as the ownership of the design could not be determined. Both companies have since released vases in new colors and various sizes. And most of the production is still being done by hand. I like the simple cylindrical form that unites so well with function. The vase is obviously just as beautiful with flowers, and the fact that it has a history makes them even more precious.

Glass vase from Lyngby Porcelænsfabrik, Denmark
Lyngby Vase made of mouth blown glass. Photo by Lyngby Porcelænsfabrik

I was inspired to reorganize my desk by this great look. These Lyngby vases are made by Hilfling Design.

Vases on a desk
Vases used as desk organizers. Photo by Hiflinger Design.

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