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Give Away # 1

If you are wondering what you can expect from a Norlii box, you are not the only one. The nature of a subscription box is to give you a surprise. It is like getting a gift and we don't want to spoil that. But we want to give you an idea of what style, items, categories and brands to expect, so we have made up two virtual boxes to show you. The boxes are not for sale. But you can win items from this 'virtual box'.

Join our email list on our website, share this example-box post on social media using the tag #norliibox to enter our first Give Away. Hurry - we will find the winner of two coffee mugs from BROSTE on Wednesday.

Keep your workspace stylishly organized with this letter tray in oak. Soft to the touch and a breeze for the eyes. Whether you need coffee through-out the day or you are an organizer, this mug/pencil will do the job elegantly. The organic form of the ceramic cup enhances the nature theme of your desk, created in subtle soft grey and blue hues with hand painted stripes inspired by the rough Nordic Sea. The classic typography on pencils are hand-drawn by none other than Danish designer Arne Jacobsen in 1937 and are just as beautiful today.

1) Skagerak. Papertray, Untreated Oak and Leather. Approx Value $74

2) Broste Copenhagen. Mug. For coffee or pencils $12

3) Design Letters. Arne Jacobsen. Pencils. $10

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