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How to find your happy hygge place

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

Your June box focuses on accomplishing everyday luxury that seduces the senses and delivers wellness to your soul. I have curated the box with items you can use to create a space for your self, a place where you feel cozy, calm, and content. And that is Hygge. Making a beautiful and harmonious interior enhances an atmosphere for reflection and positive thoughts.

With a focus on soft textures, a ray of light, and coordinated colorways, the homewares in your Norlii box are sure to bring a touch of tranquility to your home, indoors or out. Welcome to June.

Glass Hurricane by Broste Copenhagen: Mouthblown glass, Grape leaf

The natural mouthblown glass creates a texture to your home - giving it warmth and a homey feel. While the subdued color scheme of whites, grays, blacks, and browns are dominating in the calmness of a Scandinavian home, accents of the vibrant Grape Leaf green create a personal look. The lantern's elegant and simple form is stunning by itself, and the smooth bamboo handle is practical for moving the lamp. Use the glass hurricane with a tea light or a small candle. The glass also reflects the flickering light of an LED candle. I $49

Velvet Vanity Bag by Ib Laursen.

Color: Fog

Collect your favorite items in this bag. The subdued foggy earth color and the so soft velvet is a tactile experience for you. Keep your favorites in the bag: We have started it up by adding a hand cream. Now you can add a notebook for collecting positive statements, a nourishing lip balm, or how about your reading glasses. A strap makes the bag suitable for hanging on a hook. I $23

Hand cream, Altum by Ib Laursen.

Washing and sanitizing hands take its toll on your skin. Help is here:

ALTUM is Latin and means high tide or flood tide. Just like the tide cleanses, brings new life, and nourishes the sea, the ALTUM hand cream is replenishing your hands.

The main ingredients of the ALTUM series are the sheer, natural, Nordic herbs, such as cornflower, rosehip, sea buckthorn, and chamomile flower, giving you a genuine and unspoiled sense of pure well-being. I $17

Scent bags, Altum by Ib Laursen.

These little miracles workers create the final touch for your hygge nook, making your mind relax and quiet down I $2.50 per bag.

You can quickly make your little personal sanctuary anywhere in the house or maybe outdoor. The handle on the lantern and the convenient bag lets you instantly shift from one area to another.

With a focus on soft textures, light, and coordinated colorways, the homewares in your Norlii box are sure to bring a touch of tranquility to your home, indoor or outdoor.

If you want to sign up for the Norlii Home Subscription box click here:

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