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The breakfast edition

The April Box is a tribute to the first meal of the day. The bowls in this edition are some of my favorites. They are from Broste Copenhagen, and I have used them in my home for a couple of years now. I finally got the opportunity to include them in the Norlii box for you to try. The color, the size, the form, and the feeling makes breakfast feel a little more hyggeligt.

The dairy part

In many homes, mornings are busy, and breakfast has to be efficient. And bowl-food is efficient. Nordic people enjoy a centuries-long love affair with dairy products. You might have heard of the Icelandic Skyr.- The Icelanders are crazy about skyr, and so were their ancestors, the Vikings. Skyr is a traditional Icelandic sour milk product with high protein content. Enjoy your skyr with a granola topping.

The bread part

If you also want bread for your breakfast, try rye crispbread (knäckebröd); the heart and soul of Swedish cuisine for more than 500 years. Back then, the thin crispbread was ideal for storing; thus, they made a hole in the middle to hang the knäckebröd on a stick up high in the house away from animals.

Broste Copenhagen is one of Scandinavia's leading interior brands and based in Copenhagen. Their designs are a beautiful blend between trend and tradition, and they offer everything you need for a Scandi style home.

Nordic Sand Bowl

The series from Broste leaves an organic imprint of the Nordic beaches that enhances a modern Scandinavian table setting. Each bowl appears unique as it is hand-glazed and is perfect for any occasion, from Sunday brunch to Saturday dinner. $23

Black Spoon

Tvis tablespoon is

black spoon
Eye-catching spoon - so simple

made of stainless steel and has been coated with black titanium to withstand everyday wear. The beautiful black and glossy design of the spoon gives it a fresh yet elegant look. $37

Linen placemat

Beautiful, natural 100% linen placemats perfect for a bowl of skyr. Try it; you will love it. For everyday use. Although it is no problem to machine wash the placemats, you might want to keep it away from colorful meals. $42

Organic Granola

The owners of Danish Granola Company describe themselves as "a couple of nerdy breakfast enthusiasts." The high-quality granola is handmade from the best organic and gluten-free ingredients and hand-packed in their hometown of Aarhus, Denmark. Simplicity, Honesty, and Care are the three words that describe the mission of Danish Granola Company.

The variant consists of; Danish gluten-free oatmeal, sunflower kernels, almonds (17%), coconut flakes (13%), and cold-pressed coconut oil and sweetened with a little maple syrup.

The product contains 40% nuts and kernels. $10


May contain traces of cashew nuts, pistachios, and brazil nuts.

Scandinavians don't have a tradition of eating breakfast out during the weekdays. Therefore I believe that putting care into the table setting is a way of stating the importance of breakfast.


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