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Blog: August box

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Meet your new kitchen favorites

Summers are made for great food. In the August Box you will fin carefully curated Scandinavian items to set the style of a Nordic tapas table. Snacking small portions of a variety of dishes is widespread throughout the world. A Nordic Tapas is a cozy assemblage of great nordic food and equally important: a relaxed 'hygge' atmosphere.

Cutting Board, Oak

Thoughtful details and solid, velvety oak are the main elements of the Part collection from Scandinavian Design House, Normann Cph. With virtually graphic simplicity, the cutting board unifies decoration and function. The material is the natural hardwood oak treated with food approved oil. Wash it by hand and treat it with cooking oil once in a while, and you have a kitchen companion forever.

The board is so aesthetically decorative, and I recommend to use it directly on the dining table and store it on the kitchen counter while not in use.  

I $68

Salt Jar, marble

Also from Normann Copenhagen is the salt jar.

Marble has a fine hard surface with a beautiful natural pattern. Each piece of stone is unique in color and composition. 

The salt jar is a born classic with the exclusive material selection and distinctive rounded design. The marble's natural heaviness provides a kitchen accessory that exudes quality.

Place the jar on the dining table and by the stovetop for everyday cooking. I $51

Napkins, paper

Soft and absorbant napkins from Broste Copenhagen in a big striped pattern: simplicity and classy. 

Broste Cph has a natural flair for design that elevates everyday items. I find these beautiful paper napkins irresistible, and they are perfect for a Nordic Tapas.

The napkins are biodegradable, water-based color & bleached without chorine.

I $3


Small spoon and forks in bamboo from House Doctor. The spoon can be used as a salt spoon.

Ideas for a Nordic Tapas

The great thing about tapas is that you can add everybody's favorites. Try for example: high-quality hard cheese, a spicy sausage, fermented red onions, fresh red pepper, fried asparagus, Arugula pesto, buckwheat jam, and delicious sourdough bread and butter.


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