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Welcome to Tivoli, Copenhagen

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Danish design traditions makes Tivoli a favorite for tourists of Scandinavia. Get a taste of Tivoli with the 2019 summer edition of the Scandinavian home decor subscription box

Are you going anywhere for summer vacation? May we suggest Tivoli. Located in Copenhagen, Denmark, the more than 175 years old amusement park Tivoli in the heart of Copenhagen truly is something special. A mixture of rides and attractions, beautiful gardens and peacocks that freely strut around. Daily musical performances, theater and the quirky mix of architectural styles, from small old taverns to Asian building traditions and classic Danish design make Tivoli a favorite for tourists of Scandinavia.

You don't have to bring your passport. We will bring the sense of Tivoli to you with this month's Scandinavian home decor box.

Tivoli and Normann Copenhagen - A New Brand

Normann Copenhagen introduces a collection of design products in collaboration with the grand old amusement park Tivoli.

Inspired by Tivoli's versatile history and the amusement park's atmosphere, colors, patterns, architecture, design, art, and cultural traditions, a comprehensive collection of design products capturing the essence of Tivoli has come to life. In this box, you will find The Peacock Tray and the Tea Towels from the series. 

The Peacock Tray

Normann Cph has cut to the very core of the extravagant bird's form and appearance. This is precisely what we adore about the Scandinavian design: simplicity. The tray is made from hard drawn and brass coated steel and will stand the test of time. 

Tea Towel Guard

The Tivoli collection also includes these gorgeous tea towels in OEKO-TEX twill weaving, forming the diagonal lines in the soft cotton fabric. The print is a simple transformation of the Tivoli Guard's side-striped uniforms. The weaved in logo is the original Tivoli logo.

Sabine Brandt Studio

Graphical designer Sabine Brandt has made a unique print that expresses the feeling of Tivoli. The whimsical figure is inspired by candyfloss, peacocks and the legendary Harlekin figure. The print is made exclusively for Norlii.

Bülow Licorice

Don't leave Tivoli without the taste of homemade red luxury licorice from Bülow Licquorice. Soft and chewy red licorice with natural fruit and juice. An exquisite taste of blackcurrant, cranberry, lemon, and strawberry, balanced with licorice. Bülow has caught the heart of the Scandinavians with the licorice

The Tivoli garden has impressed guests since the opening. Among them, by the way,  was the one and only Hans Christian Andersen, who was inspired to write his fairytale 'The Nightingale.'  We hope you will enjoy the magic of Tivoli in this box.

If you want to sign up for the Scandinavian Home Subscription box; click here:

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