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While we long for spring

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

When spring makes nature burst back into life, it often brings the urge for renewal on a larger or smaller scale. The surroundings have a significant influence on our productivity, creativity and wellbeing.  


In this March - April Norlii box we have included items that will light up your home, focusing on the home office. Whether you have a small table in the living room designated for paying bills, use the kitchen countertop writing down today's chores, or you have a home office it can be a challenging place to decorate. A few tips can be to reorganize and declutter your space to keep the energy flowing and to add new decor that inspires you. Also bring in flowers and add new prints to the bulletin board. 


The history of Kähler dates back to 1839 when the potter Herman Kähler opened a small ceramic workshop in Denmark, Scandinavia. 

Since the first vase more than 175 years ago history and traditions have welcomed everyone into a modern and sensual story of design.

Each design is a celebration of the well-preserved craftsmanship. The ceramic designs are still handmade, and every glaze and color is carefully made using Kähler's ceramic craft traditions.

The Kähler ceramics is as relevant today as it was back then. A unique blend of the Scandinavian heritage and the love for art-ceramics keep Kähler producing innovative classics. 

Unico Vase to add creative vibes in your home
Photo by Kähler

The elegant little Unico vase in pink from Kähler adds a personal and unique touch to the decor. The vase's beautiful silhouette and color testify to a different and creative view of design. Let the fine Unico vase in pink, designed by Anders Arhøj, be your design statement as well as your home's small, exclusive artwork.| $53


Normann Copenhagen was established in 1999 and is a Danish design company that creates original and innovative products in simple and contemporary design.  With a vision to push boundaries and traditional Scandinavian design rules, Normann creates unique and modern products that are unlike any classic home interior. They make the ordinary extraordinary through good design.

Brilliant box
Normann Cph

Simon Legald is the designer behind Brilliant Box from Normann Copenhagen.  Precious stones inspired the designer when he created the glass storage box. The patterned bowl creates a bold camouflage effect, while the transparent top allows for seeing the content. Brilliant Box can be used to store everything from jewelry to keys, from coins to cotton balls. | $30

There are no limits to the resourcefulness in Normann's stationery series 'Daily Fiction'. Exquisite everyday designs will elevate your home office and inspire creativity. Keep your to-do-lists fashionable together with the metallic paper clips. The eye-catching metallic materials combined with a Scandinavian simplicity creates a personal style.| $7.50

The playful redesign of sticky notes transforms into 3D objects for sharing messages that will be noticed.  Creative, colorful and surprising design from Normann Copenhagen | $10

Free gift: A velvety and luxurious pencil from the Daily Fiction series. Makes you feel like every word you write counts | $3

We hope you will enjoy the energy boost which will surely enhance the spring mood of your home.

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