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Blog: October Box

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Do you work from home? Maybe it is time to put some love into your workspace ♥️ to create a place where you love to be and will match the rest of your home.

We have found items that will make your Scandinavian heart jump for joy. The theme is Home office luxury. Whether you work from home or simply a fan of Scandinavian design, this box is for you.

Please take a peek into the new OCTOBER Norlii Box:

The KBHavn Calendar is so awesome: handmade luxury and so Scandinavian cool. It simple in its expression and exuding elegant high quality. Finally, a family calendar that is an extension of your decor.

The small company KBHavn is located in Copenhagen, at that is where these paper and typography enthusiasts are assembling the posters and frames. We warn you: you might get addicted to using a the KBHavn calendar, but don't worry, the oak frame is reusable; next year, you only need to get the posters.

The calendar alone is $65. You will also receive three more fantastic Scandinavian high quality design items in the October box.

Get the Scandinavian Home subscription here:

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