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Sneak Peek #2

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

The inspiring Norlii Box, February 2022 edition is out. Take a peek inside the box and discover some of the Scandinavian treats for you home you will receive:

Ring Box, sand

The beautiful and timeless Ring Box is an elegant container to store personal belongings such as jewelry, cosmetics, or even dry foods like nuts or sugar. The Ring box is made of glossy, powder-coated steel. The golden ring on the lid serves a functional purpose while also being an exquisite decorative detail. I adore the elegance in the attachment of the ring to the top. It is hidden behind a brass cover and makes the top look equally beautiful when lying next to the container. Value $40

Material: powder-coated steel

Color: sand

Size 3,34 x 3,93 inches

Are you looking for a more clean, calm home that is also warm and inviting? Then I think the Scandinativan style might be something for you.

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