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October Norlii box

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

More and more of us work a great deal from home these days, and a suitable and inspiring work-space at home is more important than ever. Your new Norlii Box holds Home Office accessories in a clean lined & well-designed Scandinavian style. Already you are on top of things when keeping the work area clutter-free and the accessories in a functional yet aesthetic design.

You will find a decorative 2021 calendar (more information on the backside). Slowly but surely, new invitations, appointments, and arrangements are coming in for the new year, and now you are ready for it. In these fast-paced and ever-changing times, don't forget scheduling some Hygge and relaxing time to make 2021 the best year.

KBHavn Calendar. Stylish and elegant Danish designed calendar made by top-quality components. The calendar is handmade exclusively in Denmark, and the frame in Danish grown Oak is reusable. Next year you will only have to buy the 2022 posters. Detailed from top to toe, you will find a little brass nail for hanging the calendar in a leather cord. The posters are printed on high quality, 170 gsm, FCS-certified paper. -The calendar is rolled inside a rigid tube, so it is well protected during shipping. When you first hang the calendar on the wall, it will curl from the packaging, but it will straighten out in a couple of days. US$65

Use the pencil from Bloomingville for easy adjustments.

Scissors, Normann Copenhagen. The scissors are part of the Daily Fiction series from Normann Copenhagen. A collection that lets you unfold your creativity in a truly fashionable sense with the eye-catching metallic scissors in a geometrical design. The scissors won the Wallpaper Design Award 2017. US$50

Little Bird, Normann Copenhagen. The little oak ornament from Normann Cph is simplicity at its best. The simple but expressive design represents a well-balanced mix of purity, abstraction, minimalism, and, not least, cuteness. Put her on your desk and let her remind you of the generous nature outside. Little Bird is sold in various sizes and colors as a collector's item, so the birds' flock can continuously grow. By designer Jan Christian Delfs. US$25

Tray, Sej design. The lightweight black tray doesn't make a fuzz about itself. But don't let that fool you. The trays are quite popular in Scandinavia right now because they are so functional and extremely durable. The tray is molded in one piece and has a warm feel to its silk matte and exclusive surface. It is made in non-toxic material in Europe, 100% environmentally friendly, easy to clean, and can even be put in the dishwasher. I envisioned the tray with the scissors and the pencil, paperclips, etc. Still, functions are endless: storing oil and vinegar on your kitchen countertop, or the soap dispenser in the bathroom, on your bedtime table for hand cream and jewelry. US$18

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