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The Lagom of interior design and furnishing

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

'Lagom' is this hard-to-translate Swedish word for the art of finding the right balance: Not too much and not too little. Check out how to apply it in your interior design and home decor with the Scandinavian home decor box

So what would lagom mean in the context of interior design and furnishing? First of all, the basics: Keeping your materials honest, shapes intuitive, and textiles in simple styles. That's not too hard, right? Be intentional about what you select for your home: No too much (no clutter) and not too little. Lagom suggests having a comfy - yet uncluttered - space to call home. Clean lines, no–fuzz, timelessness, and functionality are at the heart of Scandi design. And creating a coziness for your home gives it a very secure and homey feel.

Go for beautifully crafted items with meaning to you, things that make your home unique. You could easily combine modern Scandinavian design with vintage and second hand, finding that balance of old and new, vintage and contemporary. I love the mix.

Another excellent example of how Lagom applies to interiors is how we manage the lights in our home. So when the daylight fades, why not add a few well-placed candles in your living room to soothe the soul. Candle lights can supplement and even add some warmth to electric lightning. The combination is neither too dark nor eye-glaringly bright. Think about how candle lights are used on special occasions or in cozy restaurants. You can create some of that warm atmosphere in your own home every day.

When I curate the Norlii box, I do my best to stay true to these principles. I am mindful that my subscribers may occasionally receive an item that would not work in their particular home. And I hope that the item will then be (re-)gifted so that it doesn't create clutter. That would be the Lagom way: Not too much, not too little.

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If you have been inspired to learn more about the Scandinavian Home Decor Subscription box click here:

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