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Three Steps to Get The Scandi Style

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

Scandinavians decorate their home beautifully, effortlessly, and with a sense of well-being. It may seem overwhelming to try to create the Scandinavian look, but fortunately, it is all easy.

The Scandinavian style begins with white walls, natural lighting, no clutter, and lots of soft textiles, natural elements like skins, wood or leather, and of course, candles. The simplicity in the expression has a calming and inspiring effect on the mind — a beautiful place to live.

Here you will find the three steps to creating your Scandi Style home.

1) Go for bright walls. Choose a light grey if you are not comfortable with entirely white. You don't have to worry that your home will lack coziness. Scandinavians are world champions in cozy vibes - you know 'hygge.'

The bright walls will give your home a clean and modern look, and your furniture and decor will stand out.

2) Use the pieces of furniture you already have, but look around: are there any pieces you don't need, which creates a dense and dull atmosphere? Let it go then. As time goes by and you need to invest in a new dining table or sofa, choose high-quality furniture in a clean-lined and minimalistic design. Now you have the basics of the Scandi Style

Photo by Kähler design.

3) Pay attention to detail. It all comes together here. Select outstanding decor elements to create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere that elevates your home and pleases your senses. Play around with your items to create your personal expression. 

A few golden rules can make a difference: when displaying your favorite decor, add them together in groups instead of separating them on the shelf or table. Use colors in the same color scheme but different texture and height to create a composed and deliberate look. A soft, beautiful, 100% natural material throw on the sofa will do wonders for the atmosphere and 'hygge' feeling. 'Hygge' is a massive part of Scandinavian Living. It translates into a sense of being cozy and content. 

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